A Classy Hotel

Verb to pay more money than usual on something for yourself
We decided to splurge on this trip. We're treating ourselves to luxury and staying at a classy hotel!
Adjective a price that is unreasonably high
The lobby is truly beautiful! Still, can the exorbitant price really be worth it?
Phrase (informal) when something is easily achieved
was a breeze
The front desk receptionists were welcoming and check in was a breeze. This is a promising beginning.
Adjective according to usual practice for the place or situation
The bellhop arrived in our room with the bags. I'm racing to find cash for the tip. Quick, quick, how much is customary to give?
Adjective be fixed in one place because of a problem
Hey, wait. The blinds are stuck. They won't go up or down. Oh no, we need to sleep in not wake up with the sunrise!
Phrase contact a receptionist at the main counter for guests in the lobby
call the front desk
Don't panic. You call the front desk and ask them to send someone up. I'll try one more time to see if I can get them working.
Adjective given for free
Bad news and good news. They can't fix the blinds today but they are offering complimentary wine and cheese.
Adjective representing the most perfect or typical example of a quality
Feeling warm and mellow from drinks, food, and a luxurious hot jacuzzi, we agreed -- this was a quintessential hotel experience.