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Whoa, look what the cat dragged in! You really look tired. Is something wrong?
We decided to splurge on this trip. We're treating ourselves to luxury and staying at a classy hotel!
Did you hear? We have to find a new apartment.
You wouldn't believe the deal I got at the flea market this morning! The seller was asking 40 bucks but I got him down to $15.
WooHoo! I'm stoked. We're going to the amusement park! Our son is so excited to be in the 'big kids' section this time.
Throw on some shoes. Let's go to the mall. I want to buy a new phone.
Wow, Devin is so frustrating. She always tries to take over and control our meetings. She interrupts when we are speaking and talks over other people too.
A bunch of us are getting together this Saturday night to catch a movie. Wanna come?
Want to go to the movies tonight? I’m really in the mood for comedy. They’re showing two old Charlie Chaplin films, the funniest ever!
Hey I'm starving! Are you free for lunch? We could try the new cafe. It’s a fixed-price buffet so you can take what you like and eat a ton!
What's your favorite topping on pizza besides cheese? Of course for me it's arugula. Are you kidding!
Huh, what!! I was fast asleep. Why are you texting me now? It's 6AM!!
Wow! I have to get over my ex. Ever since she dumped me, I've been a mess. I can't sleep or eat properly.
I'm gonna head to my local for their "Thirsty Thursday" special! A pint is only three dollars! Wanna join me?
Hey! I'm gonna have a few people over on Saturday for a BBQ. Wanna come?
I think I’ve got everything. Fob? CHECK! Car keys, wallet, reusable bags. Let's go grocery shopping. Woo hoo!
What a terrible day. My boss called me to her office and said I was doing a lousy job, today is my last day. I can't believe I got fired!
Hey, have you been on Tinder? I guess I'll try online dating but can you help me with a couple of expressions -- like breadcrumbing... What's that?
I have something in my eye. Aye, I can help you get it out.
Oh you look sick as a dog. What's up? Do you have the flu or something?
My hair is so greasy! I really need to wash it. You know it's funny how we say hair is greasy, but skin is oily. English is very strange indeed!
Do you know which aisle to go down to get to the cookies?
I love to walk barefoot on the beach. It's great to feel the sand between my toes!
Yesterday, I bought a big, black van! I got it from V and B, the newest motor vehicle dealership in town.
Ari: Hey Ami, Christina, I’m glad I bumped into you!
Good morning officer. What seems to be the problem?
Good afternoon. Please have a seat.
I am so excited to try Canadian food! But, the only thing I know is poutine! I love crispy french fries!
We decided to go on vacation in France this summer. Sounds great! How much vacation time do you have?
We plant many kinds of vegetables in our garden.