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Going Out Sampler**

8 vocab cards
a restaurant that specializes in serving steaks
I'm going to a steakhouse tonight. It will be my first time, I am so excited!
request something such as food
There are lots of choices in this menu! We need more time to decide what to order.
a small dish of food eaten before the main course of a meal
To begin, we'd like an appetizer or two to share.
food that is available to order and eat in the restaurant
The waiter said the T-bone is the best steak on the menu.
higher-quality beef cut from the loin
We decided to get the sirloin because it comes with salad and french fries.
cooked to be brown on the outside with the inside somewhat red
The waiter asked how we'd like our steaks. I got mine medium rare. I like it pink inside!
a small serving that goes with the main course
Broccoli, whipped potatoes, and onion rings came as side dishes with our steak. What a lot to eat!
food that remains after the rest has been eaten
We couldn't finish it all and the waiter asked if we'd like to take home the leftovers. Yes, thank you!