Sounds of the City

Phrase to accept something that is unpleasant
put up with
Your neighborhood is so loud! How can you put up with all this noise! Do you really like living in the city?
Phrase force oneself to not see, hear, or be bothered about something
block them out
I hardly notice the sounds outside now. I've learned to block them out and focus on other things. (Of course, closing the windows helps too!)
Noun a rock-drilling tool
You mean you don't hear the jackhammer digging up the street? Wow, maybe you're going deaf! Have you had your hearing tested?
Verb the noise a car makes when you press the horn
Huh? What did you say? Ahahhah! Yeah, I'm OK with it. I also don't pay attention to the drivers honking their horns.
Noun drill equipment for installing heavy stakes to support the foundation of a superstructure
piling rigs
Actually it's all fine EXCEPT the pounding of the piling rigs across the street. I do admit, construction of the new building is pretty bad!
Phrase a busy, noisy situation
Wow! You're amazing to put up with all the hubbub. Urban life seems way too loud and hectic for me.
Phrase become accustomed to something that bothers you
get used to
Well, you like the city but the noise really annoys me. I don't think I'd ever get used to it.