Leaving the Airport

Phrase an area in an airport where passengers collect their luggage
baggage claim
Am I ever happy we didn't bring much luggage. Can you imagine waiting with all those people at baggage claim for our bags to be unloaded from the plane!
Verb cause an object to be traversed by a detector or an electromagnetic beam
Yeah, let's hurry to the Passport Control kiosks. Good we beat the crowds. I seem to be putting my passport in the wrong way. Why can't I ever remember how to get it scanned!
Noun a series of people moving one after the other between two ropes in a zigzag to a destination
snaking line
Too bad we still have to go through the snaking line to finish with customs. Right, but the wait doesn't look too bad. Think we might get out by 3:00?
Adjective honorable, legally recognized subject of a country
upstanding citizen
OK, we're up next. Remember to smile. Really? Yeah when I do, I find the officer sees me as an upstanding citizen and lets me through easily.
Noun impressions made on a surface by the tips of one’s fingers
Oh no! He’s making me do a fingerprints check. And he’s taking my picture too. Is there something wrong officer?
Verb draw in air through the nose to detect a small
And now they have a dog sniffing our bags! Oh my heavens, are we in trouble for something?
Noun careful watching of someone, especially by the police or army
stepped up surveillance
Next I hear (my heart is thumping)... “We have stepped up surveillance because of increased drug smuggling this month. Don’t worry, you both are clear.”
Noun the place in the airport outside security where travelers come out to
arrivals hall
Whew. Finally we enter the arrivals hall. Hey ladies are you here to greet us? Well of course not. We don’t know anyone in this city... yet!
Noun a transportation place that people depart from and arrive at
First things first. Get out of this terminal if one can find the exit. Then take an Uber to our Airbnb. OK, but new city or not, I'm going to fall into bed. I'm dead!